F&B attendant

$5,26 на час + бакшиш

РаботодателTwo Mile Crab House
Работна позицияF&B attendant
МестоположениеWildwood, New Jersey
Ниво на английскиДобро
Начало на работа15 май-5 юни
Край на работа15 септ -30 септ
НастаняванеДА – $170-180
  • Job description:

Will receive duties as a Busser, Food Runner, Food Expeditor and/or Barback duties, as requested by the manager, depending on his specific needs at the time of your arrival. Students may then be divided further into specialty areas depending on language proficiency, skill level and availability. Duties include, but are not limited to: Assisting servers by bringing food and drinks to the tables; Assisting in dining room preparation; Bussing tables, sweeping, general cleaning, bathroom cleanup, dishwashing, organization of paper products, emptying and cleaning trash bins, food running, light food prep (filling and making sauces and sides) and restaurant opening and closing; Watering the tables as needed; Maintaining cleanliness of bar, dinner and patio areas; Clearing dinnerware, glassware, silverware from the tables when the customers are finished; Assisting with polishing silverware and roll-ups; Clearing/cleaning tables, sweeping floors, carrying large trays, clearing full busbins, sorting/recycling trash, performing busser closing duties including sweeping, mopping, deck scrubbing and trash area cleanup, and various other duties as assigned by the manager.