Pizza Artist

$10,10 на час + бакшиш

РаботодателCameo Pizza
Работна позицияPizza Artist
МестоположениеPut-in-Bay, Ohio
Ниво на английскиДобро
Начало на работа1 май-9 юни
Край на работа2 септ -30 септ
НастаняванеДА – $115

Hours Details:

  • Typical shifts will be from 10am-6:00pm, and 6:00pm-2:00am, though this may vary. Set schedules cannot be guaranteed. You may be asked to stay later, or may be sent home earlier based on business needs. Working weekends ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and holidays is required.
  • You will average 32 hours per week over the course of your program. Some weeks may be more, some may be less. Participants can expect to typically work between 32-40+ hours each week during peak season. Overtime may be available, but is not guaranteed.

Required duties:

  • Take orders
  • Make pizzas
  • Operating a cash register
  • Handling credit card and cash transactions
  • Working with American Currency
  • Cleaning the restaurant
  • Providing outstanding service to customers
  • Hard working
  • Able to learn new skills
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Able to be work as a team and be a team member
  • Able to communicate effectively with employees and customers

Housing provided: 115$/ week